Amazon updates the $90 Kindle with a front light

Cost has always been a big part of the Kindle line’s appeal at the low end. Amazon’s very good at undercutting the competition, while still managing to provide a workhorse e-reader in the process. Of course, paying $90 for the device comes with a number of cut corners, not the least of which has been the device’s stubborn refusal to adopt the front lighting found on the rest of the line.

Amazon’s just amended that oversight with the latest version of the standard Kindle. The device now features an adjustable front light, coupled with a capacitive touch 167 PPI display. That price includes Special Offers (i.e. those screen saver ads the company has been serving up for most of the life of the product).

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The device will slot below the pricier Kindle Paperwhite, which features a higher res (300 PPI) screen, a flush design and waterproofing, starting at $130. The highest-end Oasis, meanwhile, rounds things out, starting at $230.

The line will be getting a simple new feature that marks books as read across devices, along with additional recommendations based on reading history. Those features will be arriving on existing models as an over the air update.

The new Kindle is up for preorder starting today and will start shipping April 10. It’s available in either black or white.