For $1,500, you too can get custom Tesla Nikes just like Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s shoes — a custom pair of Nikes with a Tesla logo emblazoned above the toe box — were the belle of the company’s Model Y unveiling last week.

The reaction, during the event and later on the Tesla forums and social media, not only shot the company behind the custom kicks into the spotlight; it prompted the designers to make more.

DM Custom Sneakers, a Habra, California-based company run by father and son duo Marco Sr. and Marco Jr Acosta, will make six Limited Edition versions of the shoe identical to the pair worn by Musk. The Limited Edition sneakers are priced at $1,500 and will come numbered and in an acrylic display box, Acosta Jr told TechCrunch.

The original shoe worn by Musk was commissioned by a “close friend” of Musk’s and a Tesla investor, Acosta Jr said.

The bad news for sneaker and Tesla aficionados: the Limited Edition pairs are already sold out. Acosta has received hundreds of inquiries so far.

But don’t despair, DM Custom Sneakers plans to make more of Tesla-logoed shoes. The next batch won’t be “limited editions” Acosta says, although they’ll cost the same since the same materials will be used. Customers can reach Acosta through the company’s Instagram account or via email at:

The popularity of the sneakers is just the latest example of the fascination and fervor that surrounds Musk and Tesla, regardless of headwinds or controversies that continue to pop up.