Take NVIDIA’s new Deep Learning Robotics Workshop at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI

As part of TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics + AI, we are happy to announce a partnership to deliver a brand new course from NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI). Called the NVIDIA Deep Learning for Robotics Workshop, this brand new, never before offered workshop will provide training in a new 3D accelerated remote desktop environment on April 17 in Berkeley, the day before the main show.

Under this supervision of a NVIDIA DLI instructor, the 60 participants will explore how to create robotics solutions on a Jetson for embedded applications and how to implement and deploy an end-to-end project through hands-on training. This eight-hour workshop will also teach how to:

  • Apply computer vision models to perform detection
  • Prune and optimize the model for embedded application
  • Train a robot to actuate the correct output based on the visual input

Upon completion, participants will know how to deploy high-performance deep learning applications for robotics and can earn an NVIDIA certificate upon completion of a code-based assessment.

What are the prerequisites? All that’s required is a basic familiarity with deep neural networks and basic coding experience in Python or a similar language.

Registration is $299* for workshop tickets. All supplies will be provided except for a laptop. (We’re providing the super-fat bandwidth the course requires.) There are only 60 spots available, so grab tickets while they last.

Check out the website for more information.

*Tickets to the April 17 NVIDIA workshop do not grant access to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI on April 18. Tickets are sold separately.