Sinemia’s new plan offers movie ticket discounts without a subscription

The world of movie ticket services has been undergoing quite an upheaval over the past year. Yesterday, MoviePass announced a strategic “refocus.” Today’s Sinemia news is decidedly less dramatic, however — as has been the case with most of the company’s recent announcements.

It has been toying with ways to tweak its subscription offering, and Sinemia Limitless finds it offering discounts for users outside of the service. Rather than a recurring fee with a set (or unlimited) number of tickets, Limitless offers a blanket discount for an upfront amount.

So, users get $100 worth of tickets for a $70 one-time purchase. The new offering uses a digital or physical “debit” card that can be used to buy movies online or at the theater. Once the money is gone, the card won’t re-up unless the user makes another purchase. The caveat here, however, seems to be that the balance is only good one year. Oh, and “convenience fees” may apply to the price of the movie.

As for which movies are included, here’s Sinemia:

Sinemia Limitless covers any type of movie ticket for any day at any theater location, including luxury cinemas and premium format screens, without any blackout dates. With Sinemia Limitless, customers can make multiple ticket purchases on the same day and buy movie tickets for as many people as they want with a single transaction. The new plan also eliminates the necessity of checking in with the app at the theater.

When tickets are purchased through partner theaters, users can also get an additional 5 percent discount on the deal.

The company may be getting to a point where the abundance of options are honestly a bit confusing for the end user, but it’s nice to see Sinemia continuing to experiment with different models.