Nintendo brings virtual reality to the Switch with its new Labo kit

Google showed off virtual reality designed around cardboard in 2014, but it looks like Nintendo is ready to get in on the action now as well with a new Labo VR kit for the Switch that puts the system inches from your face.

In Labo fashion, there are some pretty outlandish projects to be built here. One of the projects involves the headset turning into an elephant mask with the controllers mounted to the trunk. The main VR kit retails for $79.99, which contains all six of the toy-con projects, including the aforementioned elephant, VR goggles, a blaster, camera, bird and a wind pedal. You can also buy a $39.99 starter kit and purchase additional kits online after.


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This is hardly PlayStation VR, but like Nintendo’s other Labo demos, it looks like the aim is more around building out a fun concept rather than seriously engaging with a new form factor or gameplay mechanic.

The Switch isn’t a natural fit for virtual reality, largely due to the fact that a 720p screen split for two eyes results in an incredibly low-res experience. Though the content looks like a lot of fun, this doesn’t sound very comfortable in my opinion. You don’t have to use the Switch in VR mode to play with the Labo VR projects though; Nintendo says you can also play without mounting your Switch to your face.

The kit is a way to “introduce virtual reality in a way that’s fun and approachable for both kids and kids at heart,” Nintendo of America incoming president Doug Bowser said in a statement. The sets launch April 12.