JetBlue contest asks users to delete their Instagram pics to fly free for a year

In a move that’s both bold and bizarre, JetBlue is introducing a new contest that will give three winners a year of free flights on the carrier. But entrance to the contest comes at a steep price. Users must delete all of their Instagram photos, post a new photo using a JetBlue template and hope to be one of the lucky three.

Entrants must keep their Instagram clear, and set to Public, through March 8.

On the one hand, the Instagram-decimating contest may tap into some of the anti-social sentiment that’s cropped up over the past couple of years. In the wake of data misuse and privacy mishandling by Facebook, which owns Instagram, conversations around deleting social media and one’s own digital imprint have grown more frequent.

Plus, Instagram has tools to let users download all of their photos. Starting fresh on social media may be an attractive prospect to some people.

On the other hand, Instagram has been a modern-day photo album for many people, representing a place where they record the various steps of their life. For many, the request to delete their IG history is a very tall order.

The situation is made more baffling by the fact that JetBlue doesn’t really explain why you must delete all your Instagram photos before posting their promotional garbage content.

Perhaps the carrier would like to replicate the same viral moment that #FyreFestival did with that burnt orange square. Or maybe I’m falling into their trap as we speak, as a seemingly crazy request to delete an entire Instagram history is inherently a bit of a publicity stunt.

Whatever the case, we all have a very first-world decision to make. What’s worth more: your Instagram or the slim chance of free flights for a year?