Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘High Flying Bird’ mixes basketball, politics and impressive iPhone camerawork

“High Flying Bird,” the latest film from director Steven Soderbergh, isn’t an easy movie to categorize.

For starters, it’s a basketball movie without any basketball. Instead, the story focuses on agent Ray Burke (played by Andre Holland), and his efforts behind the scenes during an NBA lockout. It becomes surprisingly political, portraying the pro sports world as another arena for the conflict between labor and management.

Oh, and this is the second time Soderbergh’s shot a movie on an iPhone — but instead of the grainy, handheld shots you might imagine, it’s filled with carefully composed images of cushy backroom dealings.

On this week’s Original Content podcast, Jon Shieber joins us to review the Netflix Original film. We all liked it — but while some of us struggled to keep up during the dense dialogue scenes, and whether they fully paid off in the end, Jon was completely won over.

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