Porsche Taycan production forecast may be ‘conservative’

Porsche’s production forecast for its first all-electric vehicle may be too conservative, the company’s head of production said this week.

Porsche has targeted 20,000 Taycan electric vehicles for the first year of production. But interest in the vehicle could push those estimates higher, Albrecht Reimold, Porsche’s board member in charge of production, said in an internally produced Q&A.

Reimold didn’t provide a specific figure. In the interview, Reimold was asked about the company’s new factory for the Taycan that is being constructed in Zuffenhausen, Germany as well as production of the new 911. Reimold explained that there would be some production overlap with the two vehicles, such as using the same new paint shop, despite their marked differences.

“We have built lots of flexibility into production so that the 911 can also be produced in the Taycan assembly plant – though not vice versa,” he said.

And while the company has the technical capacity to use the designated Taycan line to build the 911, Reimold said that would be unlikely. His complete comments:

Yes, we have the technical capacity to do that; but we are absolutely certain that it won’t be required. Based on feedback from the market, the calculation of 20,000 Porsche Taycan models in the first year may be a rather conservative estimate. I’ve had the pleasure of driving the car myself, and I can only say it’s absolutely fantastic! Which is the response we’ve been hearing from all sides.

Reimold’s comments are in line with other Porsche executives who have done everything but shout from the rooftops that demand for the Taycan is high.

Porsche North America president and CEO Klaus Zellmer said in a December interview with CNET that if everyone who placed a deposit to pre-order the car actually buys it, the Taycan will be sold out in its first year of production. According to Zellmer, more than half have not owned or do not own a Porsche. More specifically, Zellmer said these potential customers are coming from Tesla.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume told WirtschaftsWoche in November that demand for the Taycan prompted the automaker to increase production capacity without indicating by how much.

Demand could push higher as Porsche reveals more details and benefits about the vehicle in the run up to its release date late this year. For instance, last month Porsche said Taycan owners will get three years of free charging at hundreds of Electrify America public stations that are currently being installed in the U.S.