Check out the first interior view of Honda’s Urban EV prototype

Honda began teasing its all-electric urban vehicle in 2017, when the automaker showed off its vision of the future — that had a distinct 1970s first-generation Civic flare.

Now, two years later, a production version of the Urban EV is nearly here. And the automaker is finally giving us a glimpse — albeit the tiniest of peeks — of the Urban EV’s interior.

The full reveal of the Urban EV will come next month at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. And from there, it won’t be long before the electric vehicle hits the marketplace. The automaker has said it plans to bring the EV to the European market by late 2019.

Honda reveals first glimpse at interior of electric vehicle prototype bound for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show

The image shows a dash with a tech-forward and uncluttered feel. There’s an expansive digital screen on the right and a digital instrument cluster in the driver’s line of sight. The steering wheel is equipped with toggles, which will likely be used to access features in the vehicle.

Observers will note two areas, one directly to the right of the steering wheel and the other on the far right, which appear to be designed for the driver and the passenger, respectively. The placement and layout suggest these are touchscreen displays.

Honda says the “interior is designed to create a warm and engaging atmosphere inspired by the Urban EV Concept launched at 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.”

Honda has big plans for the Urban EV, and more broadly electric vehicles. Way back in 2017, Honda Motor Co. president and CEO Takahiro Hachigo emphasized that the Urban EV wasn’t some “vision of the distant future.”

Honda plans to bring electrification, which can mean hybrid, plug-in or all-electric, to every new car model launched in Europe. The automaker is aiming for two-thirds of European sales to feature electrified technology by 2025.