Uber’s JUMP bikes are seeing high utilization rates

In the past year, more than 63,000 people took 625,000 rides on JUMP bikes in San Francisco, JUMP announced today. Each JUMP bike in San Francisco saw an average of seven rides per bike per day compared to the docked-bike industry average of one to two per day.

JUMP initially launched 250 bikes at the beginning of the year, followed by an additional 250 in October. While fewer bikes on the road may correlate with the number of rides per bike per day, JUMP says its utilization rate remained consistent at over eight rides per bike per day post-expansion from 250 bikes to 500 bikes.

In San Francisco, there are 1,200 Ford GoBikes with about 5,500 active riders. Last year, Ford GoBikes saw 1.4 million total trips, according to the SFMTA. As of October, on a trip per bike per day basis, Ford GoBikes saw one to four trips per bike while JUMP saw eight to 10 per bike per day.

Update 2/11: Regarding Ford’s pedal-assist GoBikes in San Francisco, Lyft says it saw 10.4 average trips per bike per day from October through November 15.

On an industry-wide basis, docked systems see an average of one to two rides per bike per day, according to 2017 data from the National Association of City Transportation Officials.

Meanwhile, JUMP rides have continued to decrease the number of Uber rides. In July, Uber reported finding the number of car trips decreasing by 10 percent while trip frequency of JUMP + Uber increased by 15 percent.

“Since that study was released in July, those trends have remained consistent,” JUMP CEO Ryan Rzepecki wrote in a blog post. “As overall engagement (Uber + JUMP) increased, Uber car trips decreased and Uber trips during peak period decreased even more for Uber users who started using JUMP on the Uber app.”

A couple of months ago, JUMP unveiled its next generation of pedal-assist bikes featuring 4G capabilities, on-board diagnostics, retractable cable locks and phone mounts.