Tyra Banks is creating a tech-driven attraction called Modelland

Tyra Banks, the supermodel-turned-entrepreneur, has unveiled her latest venture. Dubbed Modelland, the in-person theme park-like experience will bring technology to the forefront, Banks told TechCrunch over the phone last week.

“We’re very open to partnering with and having integrations with different brands that bring technology to the forefront and make sure what we’re providing in Modelland are things you cannot do on your phone,” she told me.

The attraction will combine fantasy with interactive entertainment (think some augmented reality and virtual reality), as well as what people have come to expect from theme parks: food, events and shopping. While it’s called Modelland, Banks said it’s geared toward the masses and aims to celebrate all expressions of beauty.

“I am being very deliberate to make sure this is something families can come to,” Banks said. “I’m not creating this to service people who want to become models or are models.”

Modelland’s ultimate purpose is to continue to help redefine standards of beauty — no matter what your age, race, body size and so forth.

“I’m happy to see the world is much more celebrating of different types of beauty,” she said. “I think Modelland can be the next iteration of that.”

Modelland is slated to open later this year in Santa Monica, Calif.