Samsung pulls the plug on ‘Supreme’ collaboration

When Samsung announced a collaboration with Supreme at an event back in December, it didn’t go over great. It wasn’t that people weren’t excited about the potential of rocking a Supreme-branded Galaxy Note or whatever, so much as which Supreme the company had struck a deal with.

You see, there’s Supreme, the U.S.-based streetwear company beloved by hypebeasts everywhere, and then there’s “Supreme.” Or, in this case, Supreme Italia. There are all sorts of intellectual property-related reasons the company is allowed to exist with near-identical signage, but the long and short of it is that the deal rubbed plenty of people the wrong way.

After initially balking at the pushback, Samsung this week announced that it’s killing the deal. According to a Weibo statement translated by Engadget Chinese, “Samsung Electronics had previously mentioned a collaboration with Supreme Italia at the Galaxy A8s China launch event on December 10th, Samsung Electronics has now decided to terminate this collaboration.”

So, yes, those dreams of sporting that familiar red and white logo on your Android handset will have to wait. Or you can always just take matters into your own hands