Sinemia drops ticket subscription prices, adds rollover feature

Sinemia’s ticket plans change about as often as box office receipts — but at least they appear to be a bit of good news for customers. The movie subscription service, which has made a name for itself in the wake of MoviePass’s on-going struggles, announced this morning that it has dropped the pricing on its monthly plan.

Beginning this week, one-ticket-a-month plans start at $4 a month — down two bucks from before. That means three tickets a month now run $8. The price also includes a new rollover feature, letting subscribers grab one unused ticket per month, which sounds like a nice piece of added flexibility. The plans work with the company’s reintroduced card and will be in effect with Sinemia Enterprise, a white label service the company has introduced for theater chains.

The news comes as chief competitor MoviePass looks to right the ship. That service is set to announce the return of the unlimited movie plan that helped get the company in hot water in the first place. Those details should be released later this week.