Postmates brings on two new execs from Pinterest

Postmates has made two new hires, both of whom hail from Pinterest, in the form of Eric Edge and Andreas Lieber.

Edge joins Postmates as the SVP of Brand & Communications, while Lieber joins as SVP of Business Development and Corporate Development.

Both come to Postmates from Pinterest, where they served as head of Global Marketing Communications and head of Consumer Business Development, respectively.

“Postmates has a deep understanding of its own business metrics and how to optimize them,” said Lieber. “In the Bay Area, you’ll see different variations of that understanding across companies. But what I saw in terms of level of diligence and understanding what drives the business and how to grow it was really attractive to me.”

In September, Postmates raised $300 million at a reported valuation of $1.2 billion. As part of the announcement, Postmates revealed that it is profitable in 90 percent of its markets and that gross margins improved to nearly 50 percent.

“The biggest challenge for Postmates is to continue to differentiate in a very busy space,” said Edge. “Postmates has become a brand that is synonymous with on-demand. It’s being used as a verb. So as far as being integrated into people’s lifestyle, we’re far ahead of the competition on that.”

Both Edge and Lieber will report directly to CEO Bastian Lehmann.

This past year, Postmates added 250 new cities to the service, bringing the total to 575 cities. The company also said it is making 5 million deliveries per month.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article said Postmates made 5 million deliveries since launch. It has been corrected for accuracy.