Intel shares drop 6% after delivering poor Q1 guidance

Intel shares are down 6 percent after-hours after the company announced a rare revenue miss in its Q4 earnings report and lower-than-expected Q1 guidance. The company reported a Non-GAAP EPS of $1.28 on revenue of $18.66 billion (up 9 percent year-over-year). Wall Street was expecting an EPS of $1.22 on revenue of $19.01 billion.

The company projected that it would haul in $16 billion in revenue in the next quarter, sharply contrasting analyst expectations of $17.4 billion.

Intel’s PC-centric business grew 10 percent YoY to $9.8 billion while its data-centric businesses were up 7 percent YoY, to $6.1 billion in revenue. The company saw healthy gains across divisions, with the exception being a 7 percent year-over-year decline in its Internet of Things Group revenues.

Semiconductor companies are facing a lot of the same uncertainties as concerns grow that a slowing Chinese economy and possible trade war could compound longer-tail factors facing chipmakers. As competition has heated up in the semiconductor space, Intel has been very public about its efforts to diversify with more data-focused efforts in cloud, AI, 5G and IoT.

The firm’s share price is relatively unchanged from 12 months prior. Intel closed Thursday at $49.76, near the center of its 52-week range of $42.04 to $57.60.

The company is also facing management questions as it’s been without a permanent CEO┬ásince Brian Krzanich resigned this past June. CFO Bob Swan has been serving as Intel’s interim CEO since that announcement, but few updates have been given regarding the company’s ongoing search. On its Q4 earnings call, the company shared that they are still in the midst of a CEO search.

We’ll have more updates as we listen to the investor call this afternoon.