Mozilla gets a new CFO

Mozilla, the not-for-profit behind the Firefox browser and other open-source projects, today announced that it has hired Roxi Wen, the former CFO of display manufacturer Elo Touch Solutions, as its new CFO. Wen will replace former Mozilla CFO Jim Cook, who departed almost a year ago after 14 years with the organization.

Wen joins Mozilla at a crucial time. In terms of its technology, Firefox is now a real competitor again. With that foundation in place, Mozilla is now in a position where it needs to look toward growth again, something that has eluded it for a while.

“As our CFO Roxi will become a key member of our senior executive team with responsibility for leading financial operations and strategy as we scale our mission impact with new and existing products, technology and business models to better serve our users and advance our agenda for a healthier internet,” writes Mozilla CEO Chris Beard in today’s announcement.

It’s interesting to note that Mozilla, which currently has about 1,000 employees, is looking at new business models, too. The organization remains heavily dependent on revenue from search partnerships, which obviously creates some friction as Mozilla continues to focus on privacy.

Prior to her CFO role at Elo, Wen held senior positions at FleetPride, GE Energy, Medtronic and the Royal Bank of Canada.