Original Content podcast: We conquer clutter with Marie Kondo’s new show

On the surface, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” sounds like a simple show: Over the course of eight episodes, organizing guru Marie Kondo helps a variety Los Angeles residents sort through their belongings and clean up their homes.

But for some, following Kondo’s KonMari method can be a surprisingly difficult or emotional experience — after all, it’s really about looking at what we own and where we live. And the show has led to broader discussions around things like the value of books and how gender still plays a big role in domestic labor.

So it’s probably no surprise that our discussion of the new Netflix series ends up being similarly wide ranging.

In a first for the Original Content podcast, we’re joined by two guest hosts, Sarah Perez and Catherine Shu. The conversation quickly moves beyond a straightforward review into a broader conversation about Kondo’s ideas, and about our own homes. Apparently, a significant portion of the TechCrunch team has been inspired by the show to start going through their stuff and identifying what “sparks joy” (though some of us have been more systematic and successful than others).

We also discuss Hulu’s surprise release of a Fyre Festival documentary just a few days before Netflix launched a similar film — a situation that’s led the filmmakers behind both projects to point out questionable choices made by their competitors.

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