The Anker Roav Bolt lets drivers plug Google Assistant into their car

Google Assistant is following Amazon Alexa into vehicles. One of the first products to offer the capability is from Anker — just like as one of the first in-vehicle Alexa products.

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Called the Roav Bolt, the device plugs into a 12-volt power port and lets the driver access Google Assistant through the “OK Google” command. Once connected to the in-vehicle system through Bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable, the product will let drivers play audio, enable navigation, read text, make calls and more.

The Roav Bolt also has two USB ports for recharging devices.

I tried the Roav Viva a year ago and found the system clunky to configure and a pain to use. Also, at the time, Alexa lacked features that made it compelling to use in a vehicle and the third-party device lacked some functionality, like support for Spotify. This time around with Google Assistant, it’s likely the Roav Bolt offers enough features to make it more worthwhile for more people. This seems like an easy way to get the power of Google into a car.

The Roav Bolt will be available for purchase in February for $49.99.

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