Google Assistant lock screen access is coming to more Android devices

Here’s a quick tidbit buried beneath today’s deluge of Google Assistant news (not to mention the bizarre waking nightmare that is the CES Small World ride). The company announced today that the smart assistant will be accessible on more Android phone lock screens.

The feature was first announced back at Google’s hardware event in October, though, at the time, it was limited to the company’s new Pixel 3 handset. For security reasons, it’s available through opt-in, meaning you’ve got to tick the box in settings.

Certainly adding that kind of access to the lock screen can open your handset (and by extension you) to malicious parties. Though once set up, it will only respond to your own voice (unless, of course, someone with access to your handset can do a really good impression of you).

Once enabled, you can get restaurant recommendations, turn off alarms and schedule reminders, among other features, all without having to unlock the handset. No word yet on when it will be arriving on specific models. 

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