Samsung just announced a 98-inch 8K TV because why not

TV makers love to use CES as a launch pad for TVs that they don’t actually expect a ton of people to buy. This year’s “eh, why not?” swing from Samsung: a 98-inch 8K QLED TV.

“Wait, is there even anything to watch in 8K yet?”

Nope, not really. Hell, even content natively shot in 4K still isn’t as common as anyone would like. TVs at CES 2019 - TechCrunch There’s always upscaling (Samsung says they’ve built some pretty fancy, machine learning-based upscaling here), but if nearly everything you’re watching is upscaled anyway, you probably would have been better off waiting a few years and saving a small mountain of money. I’m all for being an early adopter, but maybe wait until there’s something to adopt.

Like the rest of Samsung’s 2019 lineup, this model should support Bixby (Samsung’s voice assistant) and will be controllable via both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Samsung has yet to disclose a price (we’ll update this post if they drop it somewhere), but their previously announced 85-inch 8K tv costs $15,000 so expect the price on this one to come in somewhere between “lots of money” and “all of the money.”

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