Ring is making a peephole camera and a bunch of new outdoor smart lights

Ring, the security company acquired by Amazon for a billion-plus dollars last year, is having a dang solid CES. It’s easy to slip up a bit and lose momentum after an acquisition, as you get used to the new bosses, structure and logistics. But less than a year after being bought, Ring is coming out swinging with over half a dozen new products all meant to complement its existing lineup.

First up is the Door View Cam.

While at first glance it looks pretty similar to Ring’s existing doorbell cameras, there’s a key difference here: it’s meant to go on your door, replacing the glass peep hole viewer rather than replacing your doorbell.

Because no one wants a bunch of wires running across their door, this new cam runs off a battery that’ll live on the inside half of your door. A button on the face acts as a sort of doorbell — but because people might not automatically think to push a button on your door (rather than off to the side somewhere, as doorbells usually are), it also has an impact sensor that’ll automatically detect when someone knocks.

And, for good measure, it’ll still work as a good ol’ fashion analog viewer.

Ring says the Door View Cam should hit the US “later this year” for $199.

Next, a bunch of new accessories to tie into the existing Ring Alarm security system. Pictured from left to right above, they’ve got:

  • A $35 Smoke/CO listener. It’s meant to sit next to existing smoke alarms (not replace them) and listen for any alarms, triggering your Ring should the need arise.
  • A $35 flood/freeze sensor, which you can sit in places like your basement to have it ping your phone if it detects water on the floor or temperatures below freezing.
  • A $30 siren, in case you want more sirens around the house blaring when the alarm goes off.

And, last but not least, they’ve got a bunch of new smart lighting products, all of which tie into Ring and can do things like fire up your doorbell cam a few seconds before people are directly in front of your door.

There’s a $70 wired floodlight (sort of like their existing smart floodlight, minus the camera).

A $40 spotlight, meant for places like porches and sheds.

A $30 motion-activated path light, meant for, well, paths.

An $18 motion sensor/light meant for stairways.

And a $25 motion sensor, no light included.

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If you’ve already got power running to landscape lightning around your yard, there’s no need to tear it all up again: they’ve built a $100 low-voltage transformer meant to be dropped into existing setups to let them pull sufficient juice to power everything above.

As you might expect from an Amazon-owned company, it all plays friendly with Alexa. So things like “Alexa, turn on the lights in my backyard” will work.

Ring says the new lighting devices will be available for pre-order today on Ring.com and Amazon, and it all should start shipping by March 6th.

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