Nintendo’s Switch fortunes persist

The Nintendo Switch continues to prove itself as quite the formidable little console.

Today, Nintendo shared a press release of victory lap brags from its Thanksgiving weekend sales. The company detailed that $250 million in Nintendo products were purchased over the four-day period with the company’s Nintendo Switch console leading the way.

The company also revealed that after 20 months, they’ve sold 8.2 million Switch units in the US, with this past week representing the best week of sales for the device yet.

In January, the company made a big PR push for its Switch numbers, announcing that the device was the fastest-selling video game console ever. Ten months later, the pace hasn’t slowed much even with another several weeks of pre-Christmas sales ahead and the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch, one of the system’s most anticipated titles.

Other tidbits from the release (figures are U.S. only):

  • They’ve sold 22 million “3DS family” devices to date
  • Sales of the SNES Classic now sit at 2.5 million, NES Classic has sold 2 million
  • Super Mario Party has surpassed 1 million in unit sales and is the fastest selling Mario Party title to date

For a company that’s footing was being seriously called into question just a few years ago, Nintendo seems to be in awfully good shape and they don’t seem to mind reminding people of that fact.