Samsung apologizes, promises compensation for factory conditions

Weeks after reaching a settlement, Samsung issued an apology over factory conditions leading to the illness and death of workers. “We offer our sincere apology to our workers who have suffered with illnesses and their families,” executive Kinam Kim said during a press conference late last week.

The apology is the result of longstanding health complaints levied against the company’s LCD and chip manufacturing lines, resulting in dozens of employees suffering illnesses including brain tumors and leukemia, according to The Associated Press.

An advocacy group had been fighting on behalf of workers after the 2007 death of one employee from leukemia. In addition to the public apology, Samsung will pay up to ~$133,000 per employee, for illness contracted from working conditions, including miscarriages and cancers in workers’ children.

In its apology, Samsung called previous efforts “insufficient,” promising to improve working conditions going forward. The electronics giant has promised to issue compensation for workers by 2028.