Sinemia adds a weekday-only movie plan

As we head into the holiday movie-going season, the theater ticket subscription wars (or what’s left of them) are set to heat up once again. Sinemia, which has recently emerged as the top contender to the eternally flailing MoviePass, is adding a new tier that focuses entirely on weekday movie-goers.

In an interesting addition to the company’s already numerous offerings, the new tier entirely excludes the most popular movie-going nights of Friday through Sunday. It’s probably a pretty tempting proposition for those who are already inclined to do whatever it takes to avoid lines in the first place. 

The new offerings start at $4 a month for a single ticket, all the way up to $24 for one ticket for every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, for the truly obsessed. The prices are up to 20 percent cheaper than the company’s other plans. There are a few caveats here and there, however, including different rules for 3D, 4D and IMAX films. I’ll let you crawl through all of those yourself on Sinemia’s site.

The news comes as AMC announces it has raised the price for its own in-theater competing offering. And then, of course, there’s whatever the hell is currently going on with MoviePass.