raises a $1.6M seed round for its AI marketing analyst, a London based AI analytics startup, has raised a $1.6M seed round to develop its “AI-powered marketing analyst” which, they claim, is like having an extra person on the marketing team for mobile apps. The round has been led by Partech. Other investors include Sophia Bendz, who previously led marketing at Spotify and Nicolas Pinto, founder of Perceptio, acquired by Apple.

This last round brings’s total funding to $2.3m, after an initial pre-seed round of $750,000 in March 2017. is also coming out the gate with its full product. Designed for mobile app marketers, Aiden says it uses machine reading to analyze large sets of paid advertising data, and proactively make changes to improve ROI.

Instead of using manual dashboards for data, the idea is to provide a simplified experience to help marketers manage their multichannel paid acquisition campaigns and make the most of their investments.

Marie Outtier, CEO, said: “Today’s performance marketers are bogged down with data coming from multiple sources.” She said this is “a new generation of software, one that listens, learns and acts.”

Reza Malekzadeh, partner at Partech said: “We believe is building an innovative solution for marketers at precisely the time it is needed most. Marie and PJ’s vision for the future of data and analytics harnesses the recent advances in the fields of machine learning and natural language processing to create a tool that is set to change the way marketers do their job.”

The company was co-founded by Outtier who has a background in mobile marketing and technology and PJ Camillieri (CTO) who previously spent 10 years at Apple working on Natural Language Processing and virtual assistants.