Amazon reportedly in ‘advanced talks’ to open HQ2 in Virginia

These sorts of major decision no doubt take some time. And, of course, Amazon is clearly milking the decision making process for all it’s worth as cities across the States roll out the red carpet. According to a new report from The Washington Post, however, the big news surrounding where the company opens its second headquarters may come sooner than later.

The Bezos-owned paper is reporting that the retail giant is in “advanced talks” with Crystal City, a neighborhood in North Virginia that lies just south of the Washington D.C. Those conversations are reportedly further along and “more detailed” than any of the other Amazon has had with fellow top contenders. Nearby metro stops and proximity to a major airport are all requirements that are fulfilled by Crystal City.

Among the topics broached during the talks are questions around building capacity and how quickly the company can start moving in. In fact, a local top real estate developer has apparently unlisted some of its buildings in the past month, in anticipation of an announcement. Buildings for the initial move of hundreds of employees could be occupied by Amazon employees within nine months.

No specifics on when exactly the announcement would arrive, though the paper notes that it’s being held until after the midterm elections, meaning it could potentially occur as soon as Wednesday.