Sign up for Spotify’s $15/month plan, get a free Google Home Mini

Spotify’s got a new promotion to entice users to sign up for a Premium Family plan. Commit to $15 a month for up to six members, and the streaming service will toss in a free Google Home Mini.

It’s an interesting promotion from the standpoint of Spotify and Google’s growing partnership. While Google’s long had its own music streaming service under the Play banner, it’s failed to set the world on fire. As such, the company has long let users choose their default service when setting up a Google Home device.

Spotify, of course, doesn’t have the sort of smart home infrastructure of its largest competitor, which puts the company at a kind of disadvantage as it attempts to maintain its marketshare lead, while Apple Music continues to grow. The deal marks both an easy promotion for Spotify and an attempt to help establish its place as part of the growing connected home ecosystem. For Google, it’s yet another opportunity to get its entry level smart speaker into more homes.

Also, hey, free Home Mini.

Both new and existing subscribers can take advantage of the promotion, which runs tomorrow through the end of the year.