There are now 100 million Macs in use

During its press event in Brooklyn, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared some numbers on the Mac in particular. The active install base of all Macs is currently 100 million.

“People love the Mac and they use it to create all kinds of amazing things every day,” Cook said.

Obviously this number is much smaller than the iPhone install base, but it’s also a smaller market overall. More important than the number of active Macs, Apple is still converting a lot of new users to the Mac.

51 percent of Mac customers are new users overall. And in China in particular, 76 percent of buyers are buying a Mac for the first time.

Cook didn’t say how many Mac people are buying a Windows computer because Apple has been really slow when it comes to Mac updates. Maybe it’ll change today.

“Of course, one of the drivers for Mac’s high customer satisfaction is macOS,” Cook said before recapping some of the new features in macOS Mojave. PC makers have stepped up their game. It’s clear that macOS remains the best thing in the Mac.

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