OnePlus commits to releasing a 5G phone in 2019

OnePlus has made its mark with a measured approach. The company has shied away from big, flashy features, in favor of offering well-rounded, budget devices. That’s changed a bit over the past year.

Take the upcoming 6T, which is rumored to be among the first to sport an in-screen fingerprint reader — one of the first times the technology is set to be available in the U.S. Or the fact that cofounder Carl Pei recently promised to deliver a 5G handset in 2019. Unlike other features, however, you can’t really accuse 5G of being a flash in the pan here. Though there’s plenty of ramp up time.

Sure, lots of companies have been talking around the technology, and Motorola kind of, sort of delivered something in the form of the Z3, which will offer the cellular technology in the future via Mod. But OnePlus promising to deliver a full-on 5G sporting handset puts the company ahead of the curve here.

There are still lots of questions — including how such technology will impact that the handset’s bottom line. After all, the OnePlus 6 came with a $529 starting price, which has long been a big part of the company’s growing appeal.

Meantime, it’s got a new, non-5G phone launching next week, just ahead of a big product launch for another tech company the following day.