Ex-Windows EVP Terry Myerson joins Madrona Venture and The Carlyle Group

More than half a year after splitting from a long time role at Microsoft, former Windows and Device EVP Terry Myerson is finally ready to talk about his future. In a blog post this morning, the executive discussed what he’s been up to for the past several months (running, learning the piano, strengthening personal relationships, and all that good stuff) and highlighted two new roles.

The 21-year Microsoft vet will be joining Madrona Venture Group as a Venture Partner. The Seattle-based firm has been having a good run of late. As we noted back in May, four of its portfolio companies — Smartsheet, Apptio, Redfin and Impinj —have managed to IPO in the last two years.

Myerson notes that Madrona Managing Director Soma Somasegar was among the first to reach out after his exit from Microsoft.

“Madrona’s core idea is that if you are going to really partner with a company from day one, especially during the very earliest phases of a company’s growth, that is best done locally so that you can support the new team,” Myerson writes. “This resonated with me as true – and being the leading Pacific Northwest VC, with the biggest fund to invest here, and the best track record from Amazon, to four IPOs in the past two years – this started to sound like a great team to be a part of. I really liked the focus on the Pacific Northwest and innovation.”

Along with that role, Myerson has announced that he’ll also be joining private equity firm The Carlyle Group as Operating Executive. “Whereas my role at Madrona challenges me to consider how to leverage the latest technical innovations,” Myerson says, “my role at Carlyle will challenge me to deliver software at scale in many diverse organizations. I couldn’t be more excited to work with the leadership teams of great Madrona and Carlyle companies to grow their businesses.”

Myerson clearly still has a soft spot for his old team, as well, quoting former boss Satya Nadella and noting that the whole letter was written on the new Surface Pro 6 (as a LinkedIn post, no less). Old habits, as they say, die hard.