Sinemia’s new service lets theaters create custom subscriptions

As MoviePass continues to fumble, Sinemia just keeps on rolling. This morning, the movie ticket subscription service announced one of it its most compelling offerings to date. In addition to all of its proprietary ticket tiers, the startup is launching Sinemia Enterprise, a white-labeled service that essentially lets theaters build their own custom plans.

The service is aimed specifically at theater chains — small to mid-size, one assumes, given that AMC has already launched its own competing offering. Sinemia provides all of the backend support, including the iOS/Android app, payment processing, fraud detection and various other management tools.

Sinemia says it’s already working with a number of different “major” theater chains in the U.S. and internationally, though it doesn’t mention any by name in the press release. The company pitches its approach toward ticket sales as theater agnostic.

“When we launched Sinemia, our mission was to help as many moviegoers as possible enjoy an affordable and better experience at the movies by providing a subscription app that integrates an offline and online experience,” CEO Rifat Oguz says in the release. “By partnering with theaters around the globe, we believe we can help more moviegoers, which will help us create a bigger economy for the entire industry.”

What the partnership really afford Sinemia, however, is an alliance with theaters that might otherwise shun the company. After all, AMC and MoviePass have already come to blows, causing the service to pull out of the chain’s top theaters. Providing backend support for customized plans would surely help Sinemia avoid that manner of pushback.