Chargify launches a new payment management tool for subscription services

Chargify, the payment management service owned by Scaleworks, has launched a new tool for billing management. 

The new product is designed to remove limitations and allow payers to assign or reassign payment responsibility for subscriptions or groups of subscriptions, according to the company.

Called WhoPays, the new service is pitched to businesses as a way to consolidate and manage their payments with different subscribers in an organization.

According to the company, the launch of the product required the re-engineering of its underlying invoice architecture — centering it around the hierarchies of employees who can be involved in making purchasing decisions.

“One of our customers sells API services primarily to developers. They noticed that there’d be multiple developers in different parts of their company… each with their own subscription. The customer didn’t know that the multiple subscriptions were connected and sometimes being paid by the same credit card,” said Chargify chief executive Tom Rotem. “They want to make sense of their own customer organizations and subscriptions and are having a hard time doing it. What we’re launching is exactly what they need to fix the pain around that chaos.”

Billers can model out their relationships with customers to create the hierarchies of decision-making so users can group subscriptions so the responsible payer receives one consolidated invoice that can be paid in one transaction.

“WhoPays is the capstone feature on the new invoice-first architecture we’ve been building to make subscriptions more relational,” said chief technology officer and co-founder Michael Klett in a statement.