CEOs from Mindshow, SVRF and TheWaveVR are talking social VR at TC Sessions: AR/VR

With Facebook holding a dominant role in the VR space, one would think that the social networking implications are all taken care of — but for the time being, it actually seems to be one of the best areas for virtual reality startups to get creative and find an audience.

VR and AR has the potential to really change how we interact with other people, but who says it has to be standing next to each other over a virtual cup of coffee? At our one-day TC Sessions: AR/VR event in LA later this month at UCLA, we’ll be chatting with founders of startups that are taking some more creative viewpoints for how people are going to interact with virtual worlds.

We’ll be chatting with TheWaveVR CEO Adam ArrigoSVRF CEO Sophia Dominguez and Mindshow CEO Gil Baron about the social possibilities of a world where you can share so much and so little at the same time.

TheWaveVR is aiming to be an impossible VR Burning Man for virtual reality, SVRF wants to become Giphy of the AR/VR world and let people step into creations and Mindshow is getting people to step into VR to create and share their own cinematic storylines. I’m excited about all of the speakers we have coming to this event, but I’m especially excited about this panel.

We’ll chat about how these startups are leveraging network effects to get people onto their platforms, how they’re making the most of the technology while not promoting gimmicks and how they’re thinking about their future success in an industry essentially owned by Facebook.

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