CrunchMatch for all at Disrupt Berlin 2018

Verbinden wie nie zuvor! Very roughly translated that means “connect like never before.” If you’re planning to attend Disrupt Berlin 2018 on November 29-30, we’re happy to tell you that networking will be easier and more exacting than ever. How? We’re making our CrunchMatch platform available to all attendees.

Not familiar with CrunchMatch? It’s our free business match-making service that connects investors and founders — who want to discuss potential funding opportunities — based on their specific criteria, goals and interests. CrunchMatch (powered by our partner Brella) uses algorithmic magic to suggest matches and, if approved, send meeting requests and propose meeting times.

CrunchMatch really works well, if you ask TestCard CEO Luke Heron’s about his experience with the platform at Disrupt Berlin 2017. “We used the CrunchMatch platform to schedule a meetings with six or seven VCs and, by and large, they were very positive meetings.” So positive, in fact, that Heron recently wrote us to say that TestCard “just closed $1.7 million in funding (which is thanks to you and your team, bless you!) You guys are fantastic — the lifeblood of the startup scene.” At Disrupt San Francisco in September, several founders who used CrunchMatch walked away from their meetings with term sheets.

On the VC side of the investment coin, Michael Kocan, managing partner at Trend Discovery, noted that CrunchMatch helps him find startups that have a good chance of meeting his investment criteria.

“I get the most value at the intersection of CrunchMatch and Startup Battlefield. If I see an interesting company present on stage, I use CrunchMatch to quickly schedule a meeting with them for later that day. It makes vetting deals extremely efficient.”

The platform’s powerful combination of curation and automated efficiency means you make the most of your limited time at Disrupt — and still find the people you need in the easiest way possible. Think of CrunchMatch as the solution to the age-old needle-in-a-haystack scenario.

Disrupt Berlin 2018 marks the first time we’re opening up CrunchMatch to all attendees — not just investors and founders. Who else can benefit from using CrunchMatch? Let’s say founders looking for developers, technology service providers eager to help founders, founders looking for marketing help — the list is endless. But with CrunchMatch, Disrupt Berlin attendees can spell out what they are looking for and discover other attendees who are a fit.

And of course, investors and founders can still use it to discuss potential funding opportunities.

Now that CrunchMatch will be available to all Disrupt Berlin 2018 attendees, here’s what you need to know to make the most of this opportunity.

Once we launch CrunchMatch, registered Disrupt Berlin attendees will receive an email explaining how to access the platform and fill out their profiles. Simply identify your role (developer, service provider, founder, etc.) and who you want to connect with at Disrupt. CrunchMatch will get to work and make suggestions, which you can approve — and CrunchMatch will do the rest.

Disrupt Berlin 2018 takes place on November 29-30. Be sure to buy your tickets today and get ready to network. CrunchMatch saves you time, it saves you shoe leather and it helps you connect like never before. Verbinden wie nie zuvor!