Lyft deploys electric scooters in Santa Monica

Lyft has launched its electric scooters in Santa Monica, Calif. as part of the city’s pilot program, joining both Bird and Lime, CNET first reported.

As part of the pilot program, Lyft can have up to 250 scooters on the streets at any one time. Riders must also be sure to stay within the service area of Santa Monica, and not venture out into the broader Los Angeles area. Otherwise, they’ll be fined.

Lyft’s launch in Santa Monica comes just a couple of weeks after the company deployed scooters in Denver, Colo. Lyft’s scooters cost $1 to unlock and then 15 cents per minute to ride. They can travel up to 15 mph.

Lyft’s chief rival Uber/JUMP, which received a permit to operate in Santa Monica, has yet to deploy any electric scooters. Though, it does have a partnership of sorts with Lime.