DC Comics’ streaming service launches tomorrow

Tomorrow is apparently Batman Day. That mostly means promotions from the folks at DC Entertainment and the long-awaited launch of the company’s DC Universe streaming service. If nothing else, the site is an interesting mix of multimedia content in a world of video-only sites, including original series, older content and digital comics.

Users who signed up in advance will get early access to the site today, while everyone else is going to have to wait until tomorrow to sample the service for $8 a month or $75 for a full year. DC Universe will be available on a slew of platforms in the U.S., including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV and Roku — or you can just watch it from a desktop or mobile browser à la Netflix.

If Netflix and Hulu have taught us anything, it’s that original content takes a while to get right, so remember that as you rewatch the trailer for the live action Titans series. That’s not slated to actually launch until October 12 — hopefully it will benefit from a little retooling after a preview that made even the hardest core of fanboys/girls audibly groan. At the very least, it means no Batman Day launch for a show in which Robin literally says “f*** Batman.”

There are a number of other series on the docket, including some of the most beloved off-the-radar DC properties, like Young Justice: Outsiders, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Harley Quinn and Stargirl. DC Universe will have stiff competition, however — along with the usual suspects, Marvel-owner Disney is set to launch a service of its own, likely next year. 

As for Batman Day, there’s a lot of Dark Knight content, including the 80s/90s film series and two of the three Christopher Nolan films. Some of the caped crusader’s finest comics work is up there too, including The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One and Batman Year 100.

That’s a lot of f***ing Batman.