Vernā Myers joins Netflix in new VP role focused on inclusion

Netflix has hired Vernā Myers in the newly-created role of vice president, inclusion strategy.

Myers has spent the past two decades at the head of The Vernā Myers Company, where she consulted on issues around diversity and inclusion. She’s also written and spoken broadly on those topics.

In the announcement, Netflix notes that it’s already worked with Myers as a consultant, and that her new job will be to “devise and implement strategies that integrate cultural diversity, inclusion and equity into all aspects of Netflix’s operations worldwide.”

“I have been a longtime fan of the inclusive and diverse programming and talent at Netflix, and then I got a chance to meet the people behind the screen,” Myers said in a statement. “I was so impressed by their mission, their excellence, and decision to take their inclusion and diversity efforts to a higher level. I am so excited and look forward to collaborating all across Netflix to establish bold innovative frameworks and practices that will attract, fully develop, and sustain high performing diverse teams.”

Earlier this summer, Netflix fired its chief communications officer Jonathan Friedland after he used the N-word in a meeting. The company just announced that Facebook exec Rachel Whetstone will be replacing him.