Never leave the basement again with this stupid opulent gaming chair

There’s no price yet on Acer’s new gaming chair, but even the “Predator Thronos” name suggests that you’ll be paying a year’s salary for the honor of taking one home. The Thronos is more appliance than gaming accessory, really, weighing in excess of 485 pounds.

The whole thing suggests some old school smokey VR arcade. It’s really a kind of self-contained, motorized cockpit with a seat that reclines 140 degrees, to peep up to three 27-inch monitors. It’s stupid and extravagant and kind of cool and probably half the size of my New York City apartment.

Yes, the chair vibrates and the whole thing lights up and maybe it could double as a half decent massage chair, if you’re looking for a way to justify the expenditure to your significant other who just doesn’t have the same kind of lifelong passion for flight simulators as you. Or maybe you can sleep on it when you get in trouble for spending a few months’ rent on a gaming chair. 

No word on availability or pricing, or Thronos’ quest to retrieve the final Infinity Stone and destroy half of the universe.