Netflix releases the trailer for Orson Welles’ final film

“The Other Side of the Wind” has had a long, torturous path to completion.

In a way, it’s one of the final chapters in the longer saga of Orson Welles — who, after making “Citizen Kane” (often cited as the greatest film of all time) and “The Magnificent Ambersons,” spent most of the ensuing decades in Europe, piecing together the funding for projects like “Chimes at Midnight.”

He shot “The Other Side of the Wind” throughout the 1970s and even managed to edit part of the film before running out of funding. Since his death in 1985, Peter Bogdanovich and other Welles supporters have tried to complete the film, but they’ve been stymied by additional legal and financial issues.

Until recently, that is, when Netflix stepped in to fund the work. The streaming giant’s involvement did cause some additional issues, namely its absence from the Cannes Film Festival (the festival passed a rule last year that effectively blocks Netflix films from participating), but the movie is set to screen this fall at the Venice and New York film festivals, then launch on Netflix on November 2.

As further proof that this really is happening, Netflix has released the first trailer. While the trailer is a bit cryptic, it gives us a good look at Jack Hannaford, the reactionary director at the center of the film — he’s played by John Huston, the legendary director and occasional actor who also portrayed the villain in “Chinatown.”