Deliveroo offers free OpenClassrooms courses to riders

If you’re a rider on Deliveroo, you can now follow courses on OpenClassrooms and get certificates of achievement for free. You get a free Premium Solo account, which is worth €20 per month ($23.44).

You’ll find courses in French, English and Spanish on many technical and non-technical topics. For instance, you can learn a programming language, UI or project management skills. But you can also follow courses on marketing, leadership and more.

OpenClassrooms is a freemium platform, which means that anyone can access courses for free. But a premium account lets you access additional materials and more features to study at your own pace. You also get certificates of achievement when you go through an entire course.

This isn’t groundbreaking news for Deliveroo riders, but it’s good to see that the company wants to take care of its “partners” with perks — I’m sure they’d rather become employees with traditional benefits.

As long as you’ve worked with Deliveroo for the past three months, you can renew your free Premium Solo subscription. It is limited to some countries for now. In the future, Deliveroo and OpenClassrooms plan to offer Premium Plus subscriptions with grants.

This subscription tier lets you sign up to a path that leads to a diploma and a job. It usually costs €300 per month and replaces traditional universities for those who want to work on the side. It takes months or even years to complete a path.

OpenClassrooms received a $1 million grant from to develop this program. They pitched the idea to Google’s charitable arm in order to help freelancers learn new skills. As part of this project, OpenClassrooms will create new courses on accounting, business opportunities and other useful skills for freelancers. Deliveroo is the first platform to benefit from this program.