Kairos’ Brian Brackeen to show off facial recognition tech at Disrupt SF

Privacy and security continues to be a top-line issue in our world today. This puts facial recognition in a bit of a grey area, as it could offer incredible benefits to our security and open up vulnerabilities when it comes to our privacy.

Luckily, Kairos CEO and cofounder Brian Brackeen will be joining us at Disrupt to chat about all this and more.

The idea for Kairos came when Brackeen was working on HR time-clocking systems at Apple. People were cheating the system, which spurred Brackeen to implement facial recognition. Long before Apple ever introduced FaceID, Brackeen knew that this type of verification would have big implications on the broader ecosystem.

But those implications can be just as negative as they can positive, a fact that Brackeen is keenly aware of.

“Facial recognition-powered government surveillance is an extraordinary invasion of the privacy of all citizens — and a slippery slope to losing control of our identities altogether,” Brackeen wrote in a TechCrunch post in June. That’s why Brackeen has decided that Kairos facial recognition technology won’t be used by any government entities or law enforcement.

However, Kairos has been working to help banks and other enterprise corporations with security and user verification, which could end up being a game-changer in the growing world of crypto.

Kairos also sees an opportunity to help brands and marketers understand the sentiment of users viewing and interacting with their content, which is why the company recently acquired EmotionReader.

But the promise of facial recognition is dependent on near-perfect accuracy.

At Disrupt SF, we’ll put Kairos to the test. Brackeen will hop on stage and demo the tech in a way that’s never been done before. We’ll also have the chance to ask him about the larger implications of facial recognition and what it means to build a business without wavering on your principles.

Disrupt SF will take place in San Francisco’s Moscone Center West from September 5 to 7. The full agenda is here, and you can still buy tickets right here.