Announcing the latest additions to the agenda for Disrupt SF (Sept. 5-7)

TechCrunch Disrupt SF (September 5-7), we said from the start, was going to be the most ambitious ever, and when it comes to programming, there’s no question the Disrupt SF agenda eclipses anything we’ve done in the past. There are two BIG stages, plus two speaker Q&A stages, workshops and a Startup Showcase stage, where the top exhibiting startups will tell their stories. We published the agenda back in early July, but we’ve also added dozens of sessions since then for a total of 77 on the Disrupt stages. You can always check out the complete and up-to-date agenda. Here is a sampling of what you might have missed since we originally posted the agenda.

On the Disrupt stages:

  • Alex Stamos, former head of security at Facebook and Yahoo, on security in an insecure world
  • Aileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures), Megan Quinn (Spark Capital) and Sarah Tavel (Benchmark) on the state of venture
  • Dario Gill (IBM) and Chad Rigetti (Rigetti Computing) on quantum computing
  • Laurie Yoler (Zoox), Reilly Brennan (Trucks VC) and Chris Urmson (Aurora) on all things autonomous
  • Jason Robbins (DraftKings) on the changing worlds of online fantasy and gambling
  • Hans Tung (GGV) and Yi Wang (Liulishuo) on the Chinese startup road to U.S. markets
  • Rachel Haurwitz (Caribou Biosciences) and Trevor Martin (Mammoth Biosciences) on CRIPSR
  • Rich Mahoney (Seismic) on wearable (and fashionable) robotics
  • Rob Coneybeer (Shasta Ventures), Tess Hatch (Bessemer) and Matt Ocko (Data Collective) on investing in space
  • Robin Berzin (Parsley Health) and Aaron Patzer (Vital Software) on the future of health
  • Colin Angle (iRobot) on the next generation of home robotics
  • Brian Brackeen (Kairos), Patrick Ball and Kristian Lum (HRDAG) on data and human rights

In the 30 audience-driven Q&A sessions with speakers, including..

  • Building on DLT: Mance Harmon (Hedera) and Brian Behlendorf (Hyperledger)
  • From Funding to Fintech: Nikolay Storonsky (Revolut)
  • Inside the Blockchain: Joe Lubin, Amanda Gutterman and Sam Cassatt (ConsenSys)
  • Building Brands: Emily Heyward (Red Antler), Philip Krim (Casper) and Tina Sharkey (Brandless)
  • Gaming’s Culture: Jason Citron (Discord) and Delane Parnell (PlayVS)
  • Healthtech on the Horizon: Robin Berzin (Parsley Health) and Aaron Patzer (Vital Software)

In the workshops:

  • All Raise‘s Women Founders Roundtable and AMA
  • Verizon 5G: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Sponsored by Verizon)
  • Bringing NASA Technology Down to Earth (Sponsored by NASA)
  • Hacking Human Performance (Sponsored by Red Bull)
  • Running a Node on a Distributed Ledger: Live Demo (Sponsored by Constellations Labs)

This is just a fraction of what you’ll be able to experience at Disrupt SF. There’s still time for you to grab your pass and save up top $500 — get yours here today.