Instant Pot teams up with YaDoggie so your pup can eat fresh food

YaDoggie, the dog food and wellness startup founded by Yahoo’s former VP of Mobile, has teamed up with kitchen appliance maker Instant Pot to launch its fresh dog food product. Called YaDoggie Fresh, it’s “human-grade” fresh dog food that is specifically designed to be cooked in an Instant Pot.

The fresh product, which comes in turkey and salmon, takes 20 minutes to cook using the Instant Pot. YaDoggie says the formulas were designed by a licensed veterinary nutritionist and are 100 percent grain free. The product starts shipping October 1.

“We know lots of our customers would love to make their own healthy food for their dogs but they just don’t have the time to find a recipe and buy and prep ingredients – Fresh does that for them,” YaDoggie CEO Sol Lipman said in a press release. “Fresh aligns with our goal of making it easy for Pet Parents to give their dogs the best food possible, and it’s a great complement to our kibble.”

YaDoggie’s core offerings are healthy, grain-free kibble, treats and a smart scoop, which will cost $49. The food comes in three recipes, buffalo/duck, lamb and sweet potato and limited ingredient turkey and pea — none of which include rice, corn, wheat or soy.

YaDoggie aims to help dog parents take a holistic approach to caring for their pups. But instead of defining itself as a dog tech company, YaDoggie is positioning itself as a dog wellness company using technology to make things better.