Meet with Greylock Partners for TechCrunch Include Office Hours this September

TechCrunch will partner with Greylock for Include Office Hours on September 4th from 2-4pm. The day before TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, Greylock investors Sarah Guo, Saam Motamedi, Matt Heiman, and Seth Rosenberg will meet with underrepresented and underserved entrepreneurs to provide key feedback and advice. Founders, apply here!

Founded in 2014, TechCrunch launched the Include Program in an effort to leverage the extensive TechCrunch network to facilitate opportunities for underserved groups and founders. The Include Office Hours Program is one such initiative.

TechCrunch collaborates with investors to host private 20-minute sessions with startups, where founders can ask for guidance on critical business issues. During September’s Include Office Hours, Greylock will be meeting with 24 companies. To be considered for a session with these investors, fill out this application.

Unlike previous Office Hours, TechCrunch is looking for startups in the following verticals: Enterprise, B2B, Healthcare, Security, Infrastructure, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Fintech, Digital Commerce, Travel, Real Estate, Marketplaces, Messaging, E-commerce, Gaming and Crypto.

Underserved and underrepresented founders include but are not limited to female founders, black, Latino/a, Asian, LGBTQ, veteran, formerly incarcerated and people with disabilities.

Let’s meet our investors:

Sarah Guo – Enterprise, SaaS, B2B, Healthcare, Security and Infrastructure

Sarah’s mission is to partner with founders to productize disruptive ideas, get advantaged distribution and build dominant businesses. Sarah invests in enterprise-focused opportunities in SaaS, B2B, healthcare tech and infrastructure and security. Sarah has led Greylock’s investment in Cleo and is on the board of Cleo and Obsidian Security. She also works closely with Awake Security, Crew, Rhumbix and Skyhigh Networks. She is an advocate for STEM education for women and the underserved.

Saam Motamedi – Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and SaaS

Saam works with entrepreneurs building the next generation of enterprise companies with a focus on applications, big data, AI and vertical SaaS. He works closely with Blend, Spoke and Avi Networks. Prior to Greylock, Saam co-founded Guru Labs, a startup that uses machine learning to turn credit card transaction data into sales for offline merchants by predicting customer preferences.

Matt Heiman – Fintech, Digital Commerce, Travel, Real Estate and Marketplaces

Matt partners with entrepreneurs building companies around fintech, digital commerce, travel, real estate, and marketplaces. He sourced and works closely with Greylock’s investment in Coinbase and several more companies not yet announced. Prior to joining Greylock, Matt was a growth equity investor at Lee Equity Partners, and before that worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he managed teams advising Fortune 500 clients across a number of industries.

Seth Rosenberg – Messaging, E-commerce, Gaming, Crypto and Marketplaces

Seth partners with entrepreneurs who are building consumer products and platforms, including messaging, e-commerce, gaming, marketplaces and crypto. Seth works closely with Mammoth Media, DIRT Protocol and companies that are still in stealth. Prior to joining Greylock, Seth worked as a product manager at Facebook, where he led Product for the Messenger Developer Platform. Before Facebook, Seth worked at Goldman Sachs in New York doing tech and media investment banking.

If you are an investor, partner or managing director at a fund interested in hosting Include Office Hours, email