Paperless Post introduces Flyer for more casual invitations

Paperless Post, the design-first invitations service, has today announced the launch of a new product called Flyer.

Flyer is meant to be a more lightweight invitation, for events like a BBQ or a casual birthday as opposed to a formal event.

The idea started when Paperless Post founder and CEO James Hirschfeld realized there were certain events in his life where he still wasn’t using Paperless Post, despite the fact that he founded the company.

“Even though Paperless is my baby and I love it, there were still moments in the year or in life or as a business or as a consumer where it doesn’t make sense to send something formal,” said Hirschfeld. “You don’t want to pay or you don’t want to labor over an invite.”

That’s where Flyer comes in.

Flyer is designed around Vibes, which are curated sets of images, GIFs, colors, layouts and text animations that aim to capture the vibe of your shindig. These pieces can be mixed and matched to convey exactly what the user is intending and no more.

Flyer was also built mobile first. Remember, Paperless Post launched in a desktop world back in 2009, and has worked to make the more formal Cards product a mobile friendly experience. With Flyer, the company started with mobile given the lightweight nature of the product itself.

One other key feature of Flyer is that it’s not necessarily an email product. While Paperless Post Cards require an email address to send and receive, Flyer simply opts for a web address, letting users send via text, post on social media, send via email, or send through another messaging client.

Flyer launches with six different vibes, and will be offered as a free product. That said, Hirschfeld sees the opportunity to layer in premium features and Vibes to the Flyer product in the future.

Paperless Post has raised just under $50 million with lead investors including RRE and August Capital.