Apple’s HomePod is coming to Canada, France and Germany June 18

Buried amid the flurry of iOS 11.4 news issued by Apple today is one key piece of hardware news: the company’s high-end smart speaker will be arriving in a number of additional key markets next month. After hitting stores in February here in the States, the HomePod will be arriving in Canada, France and Germany on June 18.¬†That brings the Siri-powered smart speaker’s availability up to half-a-dozen countries, including the U.K. and Australia.

The HomePod’s reception has been something of a mixed bag since launch. Apple’s been almost universally praised for the small speaker’s sound quality, but pricing and limited Siri functionality have left many users looking to other options in a category currently dominated by the likes Amazon and Google.¬† Apple hasn’t addressed sales figures to this point, but third-party reports have been pretty lackluster, thus far.

Of course, today’s iOS update brings some good news for HomePod owners — and should make the device a bit more well-rounded, so to speak. The long awaited addition of stereo pairing means you can buy not one, but two, of the $349 devices for your living, with each one managing a different stereo channel. AirPlay 2, meanwhile, brings some welcome upgrades for multi-room streaming through iOS — though the feature is set to be compatible with devices from a wide range of third-party manufacturers.

No word yet on how much the HomePod will run in its new countries.