Google’s Pixel Buds learn some new tricks

I/O may have ended, but Google’s still trickling out news at a steady rate. The latest update comes from one of the more unexpected corners of the Googleverse. Pixel Buds, the company’s hotly anticipated and lukewarmly received bluetooth headphones are getting a nice software update.

In a blog post today, the company highlighted some new features that should help make the earbuds a bit more well-rounded.

At the top of the list is improved bluetooth pairing. It’s not a hardware upgrade, so users may still run into some of the issues the product got dinged for early on, but not it’s a lot easier to switch between synced hardware. Choosing Pixel Buds from the drop down menu on a connected computer will swap the connection from the current to new device.

The headphones are also getting a couple new touch gestures. Triple tapping the right earbud will turn the headphones on and off, while double tapping will skip a song to the next track. Though that second gesture requires going into the Pixel Buds settings inside the Google Assistant app to enable.

All of those updates are rolling out to users starting today. None are earth shattering, exactly, but they should make the Pixel Buds experience a bit better for those who’ve already plunked down the $160 for Google’s wireless headphones.