Volvo cars and trucks can now share real-time traffic information

Starting in Norway and Sweden, vehicles from Volvo cars and Volvo trucks are now able to share traffic information through Volvo’s Connected Cloud. Let’s say car A runs into a road hazard. Car A will then upload that information to the Volvo Connected Cloud where it will broadcast the information to Volvo Cars and Trucks warning Truck B, which is carrying a load of chickens, to avoid the road hazard.

It’s important to note Volvo cars and trucks are independent vehicle manufacturers though they clearly share some DNA.¬†This is an extension of the Volvo Connected Cloud that the auto maker launched in 2016.

Right now the service is only available in Sweden and Norway, where Volvo cars and trucks make up a significant amount of the vehicles.

Vehicle to vehicle communication is among a growing market to improve data presentation to the driver, and in the future, autonomous vehicles. This collaboration these Volvo brands is a big step towards the future. That said, there’s an argument to be made that Volvo could open source the platform and lure other manufacturers aboard so we can all get our chickens delivered in time no matter what sort of truck it’s driving.¬†