Rockerbox acquires calendar marketing startup Eventable

Rockerbox has acquired Eventable, bringing two digital marketing startups together.

Rockerbox’s technology includes attribution measurement to determine which ads are driving sales, as well as what it calls a Recency Marketing Platform, which targets advertising based on users’ most recent browsing behavior.

Eventable, meanwhile, is focused on bringing marketing to your calendar — its technology can be embedded in display ads, introducing an “add to calendar” button that allows marketers to send updates and personalized notifications to consumers who opt in.

Rockerbox founder and CEO Ron Jacobson said he connected with Eventable because both companies participated in the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (albeit in different years). When they started testing out ways to bring their services together, Jacobson said it became clear this was a “one plus one equals three situation.”

“Using the calendar as a marketing channel made perfect sense,” Jacobson said. “And on the attribution side, the calendar is another touch point.”

He added that Eventable co-founders Sameen Karim and Akash Malhotra are joining Rockerbox, along with their entire team.

The plan is for Eventable to continue operating as a separate brand and product. At the same time, the team will look for ways to integrate their products and to sell Eventable customers on Rockerbox’s broader marketing suite.

“It allows us to give our customers a more complete marketing solution,” Karim said.

The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Eventable had raised $1.2 million in funding from investors, including Alchemist Accelerator, Right Side Capital, Steelhead Ventures, Russ Holdstein and Howard Love.