Salesforce spent another $2.7 million to adjust pay gaps related to race and gender

Ensuring equal pay is an ongoing task, Salesforce has found. In the past year, Salesforce spent $2.7 million to address pay discrepancies across gender worldwide and race in the U.S.

Where Salesforce is making progress is in the number of people affected by unequal pay. Last year, Salesforce made pay adjustments (salaries and bonuses) for 11 percent of its employees compared to just 6 percent this time around.

“Our latest assessment shows that equal pay is a moving target, especially for growing companies in competitive industries,” Salesforce Chief People Officer Cindy Robbins wrote in a blog post.

Since 2015, Salesforce has spent over $8 million to address the wage gaps pertaining to race and gender.

Over the next year, Salesforce plans to hire an addition 8,000 people. That means the task at hand will be to ensure pay equity from day one. It’s not clear how Salesforce plans to do this, but Robbins said the company is “looking at ways to create a system that will standardize the process for setting salaries.”